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A.I. Alchemy

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Unleash AI magic in a 2-day A.I. Alchemy workshop! From idea to refined startup, discover, refine, and launch your venture

A.I. Alchemy: Crafting Your Startup with AI Magic!

Join us for a thrilling 2-day online workshop, A.I. Alchemy, designed to transform your idea into a sellable startup! Sessions run from 7 pm to 9 pm each day.

Module 1: Idea Alchemy

Uncover the secrets of infusing AI into your startup idea:

- AI Essentials: Understand core AI principles for entrepreneurial ideation.

- Spotting Opportunities: Discover where AI can elevate and sustain your startup.

- AI-Powered Ideation: Techniques to integrate AI concepts into your early-stage idea.

Module 2: AI Empowerment

Explore diverse AI tools revolutionizing creation:

- Tool Showcase: From video generation to music and image creation, explore HeyGen, Splash Pro, Ideogram, Leonardo, and Vzy.

- Strategic Implementation: Craft a roadmap for effective AI integration.

- Early Adopters and Beta Testing: Identify adopters and refine your venture through testing.

Module 3: Test and Refine

Equip yourself with a framework to launch your startup:

- Group Roles & Market Presentation: Divide roles and present your idea.

- Real-world Testing & Feedback: Refine your project through user insights.

- Continuous Improvement: Build a robust, market-ready startup.

Get ready for an immersive journey from idea inception to a refined, market-ready startup! Join us from 7 to 9 pm for two days and let's bring your startup dream to life with the magic of AI!


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Guru is the founder of Learn Ai Code.com